Small Biz Owners: Optimistic, Upping Ad Spend, Rely On Print

May 2011 — FedEx Office (formerly FedEx Kinko’s), an operating company of FedEx Corp., released the results of its fourth annual Signs of the Times national survey of small businesses.

The study finds that:

Small business owners optimism is growing — Six in ten (63%) small  business owners are confident in the long-term success of their business, compared to a little more than half (54%) in 2010.

Younger business owners are even more assured about the future – The vast majority of small business owners age 18-35 (85%) are confident in the long-term success of their business compared to other age groups (35-54 at 56%; 55 and above at 63%).

While many small business owners plan to reach existing and potential customers online and through social media, more than half (53%) will turn to more traditional channels like newsletters and direct mail

Tactics to Reach Potential and Existing Customers


Plan to increase communication via newsletters, direct mail, etc.


Plan to create or improve company’s online presence (website,  banner ads, SEO)


Plan to utilize social media and networking websites (e.g., Twitter,  Facebook, LinkedIn)


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How Much Does Your Business Spend on Collateral?

Collateral development and production can be expensive. According to Caslon, 500 billion pages of marketing collateral are being produced annually – that’s a total retail value equal to $30 billion annually.

However, the visible part of the cost of collateral – the printing – is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, printing accounts for only 14% of the total cost, while the balance is spent on the processes to support it.

As an example, research show that 31% of printed material becomes obsolete and is thrown away.

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