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1/3 of Marketers Believe Personalized Campaigns are Highly Effective

When it comes to marketing campaign effectiveness, personalization may be the way to go, according to new data released by eMarketer.

Research conducted by web content management provider EPiServer in March 2011 reveals that one-third of U.S. marketers believe personalized campaigns to be “highly effective and measurable.” Furthermore, 14% of the study’s respondents indicated that personalized campaigns generated a better response rate than mass-market campaigns.
While many believe personalized campaigns to be more effective, the majority — 64% — still aren’t offering personalized content on their websites today. So, if so many marketers believe in the effectiveness of personalization, why aren’t more of them creating personalized campaigns?


The answer seems to be in the technology. Most believe the technology, tools, and software available to them isn’t good enough, with more than 60 percent of survey respondents rating currently available personalization software as either “satisfactory,” “poor,” or “very poor.” 


 In addition, 45 percent indicated they believed their company’s personalized campaigns would be more effective if they had more relevant data, adding that a big challenge for them is integration of customer data across various digital channels.
That said, EPiServer’s research also indicated that two-thirds of marketers plan to implement personalized campaigns in the next six to 12 months, so marketers seem to be realizing the importance of the strategy.

Personalization is changing marketing, and marketers are beginning to understand that one-size-fits-all campaigns might not be the most effective type of marketing. By personalizing campaigns for smaller subsets of a business’ audience, marketers can deliver more targeted messages based on that subset’s specific interests, wants, and needs, resulting in a more rewarding return-on-investment.
Consider looking for ways in which you can slice and dice your target audience into more targetable groups and test various marketing messages that are more tailored to those parties. Email is a great way to do this. Can you send a more targeted offer to a specific sub-group of your audience? Or can you position the same offer in a way that is more appealing to that audience? Try segmenting your audience and testing different personalization methods to see what works.

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