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3 Types of Off-line Marketing Collateral That Get Results

Your potential and current clients are probably used to seeing either junk mail or bills in the mail. Don’t let your own marketing collateral get tossed (literally) into the “junk” category. Excite and entice your audience! That’s why you should be using these three types of off-line marketing mailers that actually get results:

Personalization and Variable Content

Also called “digital printing”, personalized direct mail lets you ‘speak’ to clients. Add their own names or other variable content (i.e. physical location, membership level status) throughout the mailer, and add a personalized URL for them to visit (which you can track). Variable content will also conform closely to a potential client’s According to, “This type of marketing collateral requires more planning and each mailing piece is more expensive, but the response rates are much higher [5% up to 50%] than typical direct mail.”

Consumer Product Mailing Plus Fulfillment

Free samples allow potential clients to take a chance on your product with nothing to lose. Send out packets of shampoo, pet food, or more! You’ll need to pay attention to all aspects for a campaign like this, such as inventory management and tracking, hand kitting and assembly, personalized content (e.g. brochures or letters), and a guaranteed match of personalized components for pack-out.

Customer Acquisition Pieces

First impressions are everything, so streamline new sign-ups with a dynamic customer acquisition piece. Create a user-friendly membership kit for potential clients instead of mailing individual brochures, business cards, or reply cards. Overall, you’ll save time (and sanity) with one marketing piece while also reducing printing and postage costs.

Digital marketing results haven’t yet surpassed snail mail’s. If you take time to personalize your off-line mailers in either of the ways mentioned, they will garner the client response you desire. Watch your campaign reach new heights!

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