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5 Popular (And FREE) Winter Design Themes

As we all start preparing to make 2016 a banner year, we wanted to share how some of our YMCA clients are successfully heading in that direction by using OlleyMay’s design, printing and marketing services.

Below are 5 popular designs being successfully used by YMCAs to not only acquire new members but also retain current ones (remember, it costs approximately 6X more to acquire a new member than retain one, so make sure you include your current members in your outbound marketing efforts).

All of OlleyMay’s designs are free for your Y to use, and customizable to match your demographic or target audience. And of course, we can create a new design for you.

Below are the fronts only of jumbo 6×11 postcards and are available in other direct mail sizes as well as email headers, online ads and signage.

“OlleyMay created a creative and compelling marketing campaign for our new Y facility that proved to generate greater awareness and membership than we would have been able to achieve on our own.”

— Rob Reeves, former CEO, Westport Weston Family YMCA

It’s not too late to launch a winter campaign! Using one of our current designs, you can be in the mail in a couple of weeks, including mobile targeting and Facebook targeting.

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