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5 Things to Consider When Designing a Brochure

Brochures can be a reliable piece of your marketing campaign because they have the potential to qualify prospects while directing them to next steps with a clear call-to-action. Yet, many companies throw their brochures together without a second thought and miss out on the benefits of this marketing tool. Next time you’re designing brochures keep these five considerations in mind.

What are your visuals communicating?  

Your customer remembers stories so use visuals to tell them one. If you’re highlighting your products, choose visuals that showcase their usefulness throughout your marketing materials. Services can be displayed with action shots and smiling customers.

Superb copywriting is key

Headlines and copywriting are vital to all of your marketing because strong copy pulls your target market into your message and convinces them to keep reading. Capture your target market’s attention immediately with a powerful headline and draw them in with useful copy.

Highlight benefits with image captions

Most of your customers will scan your brochure, but all of them will read the image captions and pull-out quotes. Use captions next to images that highlight key benefits. Display positive customer testimonials with pull-out quotes.

Pick colors that identify your brand

Color is important to brochure design because your customers will associate the colors you use with your brand’s identity. If you already have a standard color palette in your other marketing materials then use those colors for your brochures. This creates a sense of harmony throughout your marketing communications.

Enhance the experience with high-quality paper

The paper you use can enhance your overall message. High-end businesses especially can benefit from using high-quality paper that looks and feels great in your hands and leaves a lasting impression.

Overall, putting a little thought into designing your brochure can create a powerful marketing tool that draws customers into your business.

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