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The 9-Point Power Marketing Checklist

Want to make your marketing campaigns the most effective they can be?

Be sure you’re hitting all of the key marketing components. In addition to factoring in the list, the message, and the offer, there are a number of other critical components that come together to make or break a campaign.

1. List. Are you working with an internal list of existing customers? Or a prospect list?

2. Segmentation. What do your customers look like and how do they behave? How well do you understand them? Have you created customer profiles? Personas? Do you know the difference?

3. Design. How will the design and layout of the print piece or email look? What types of images will you use? Brand colors? Is your look and branding consistent across all channels?

4. Offer. What is the call to action and the incentive to respond?

5. Channel. What is the medium? Is it print? Email? Social media? Mobile? Remember that multiple channels work better than single channels alone. In fact, if you’re tempted to reduce your direct mail expenditure in favor of “less expensive” digital channels, consider a Brand Science Study that showed a 62% lift for digital campaigns that include direct mail.

6. Format. If you are sending direct mail, what is the delivery method? Postcard? Newsletter? Trifold mailer? Are the mailers personalized or static? If you are mailing a letter inside an envelope, is the envelope personalized?

7. Cadence. What day of the week will the mailing hit? If you are using digital channels (email, mobile, social media), what time of day will the message be delivered? What is the frequency? You want to stay in front of your customers, but you don’t want to overwhelm or irritate them either.

8. Message. What are you going to say and how are you going to say it? Should it be informational? Entertaining? Should it use humor or play it straight?

9. Performance Metrics. How are you going to measure your results? The metrics used will depend on your marketing channel, your audience, and your campaign goals. You aren’t going to measure a branding campaign the same way that you measure a sales promotion.

Are you optimizing all of the components in every campaign? If not, there is an opportunity for you to refine the variables and dramatically improve your results. 

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Source: Initial list courtesy of InfoTrends. Our take on the rest.

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