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4 Tips for Your Next Presentation

presentation bindersWow! Seems like March and April are hot with presentations and events around OlleyMay.

One customer called us on a Thursday and needed presentation material shipped that Friday for an event in Chicago! These were 3-ring presentation binders with tab dividers and full-color content. Mission accomplished.

On another Thursday a client needed presentation material for their upcoming NIC National Conference…in Chicago. These were Wire-O bound presentation documents with color covers and vibrant content pages. Due Friday…again. Mission accomplished!  (What’s up with Chicago…and Thursdays??).

Outside of trying to give your print service provider more than a day to turn around your handouts…here are a few tips for your next event.

Here are 4 Tips to When Planning Your Next Conference/Event

  1. Content & Design: These days your audience is used to engaging content. They see it all day long on their computers, tablets and mobile devices including video, sound and motion graphics. When building your presentation think about how to design it with these elements in mind to keep your audience engaged, all while using appealing visual graphics and design best practices.
  2. Don’t Stop at Just Handing Out Hard Copy. You’ll want to think about having your content available in other formats, such as on a USB, DVD or online. Online versions are great for viewing on multiple devices such as a laptop or tablet.
  3. Paper Options for Your Handout: When you print your hard copy handout, you typically want to use nice paper to help convey your brand and event. 70# text is paper that is thick enough to put some oomph behind your content. Don’t use coated or even silk paper since writing on those papers is challenging, even though they may look a bit slick.
  4. Binding Options for Your Handout: When it comes to binding, you have a few options. Here are a couple of the more popular ones:
    • 3-Ring Binders – Pros: good for lots of content; strong. Cons: a bit bulky; pages can fall out if not packed properly; need more desk space than alternatives.
    • Plastic Coil – Pros: very strong; pages flip over so need less elbow room. Cons: might not be the look you’re after.
    • Wire-O – Pros: very strong; pages flip over so need less elbow room; most popular. Cons: not as strong as Plastic Coil; pages can fall out if not handled properly during shipping or binding.

Call OlleyMay the next time you need to put together kick-awesome presentation and marketing support collateral for your event. From signage to pre-event invites and marketing to presentation handouts, our team will turn “blah” into “wow”. And of course we’ll print and ship the presentation documents to any location worldwide. On a Thursday 😉

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