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A Quick How-to Guide to Going More Multichannel

By Bruce Browning | OlleyMay

You know OlleyMay: We’re multichannel marketing’s biggest advocates. That’s because it keeps customers more engaged, turns up more prospects, targets better, and boosts ROI. Period.

And it also serves as profitability insurance: The more channels you employ, the better your options are for success in a customer-driven marketplace.

For all these reasons (and more), we’ve compiled a quick how-to guide to help you go more multichannel right now. Take these four steps:

Know your customers. Identify who they are, why they like you, how they engage with you, what they most want from you—as markets and preferences change.

Segment your data. Identify preference groups. Who likes what products or services? How are they learning about them? When do they buy? Why do they buy? Define your targets.

Study your current results. Match your efforts to your customer response. Be brutally honest: Which ones are working, and which ones aren’t?

Diversify. Now it’s time to brainstorm new ways to extend your outreach. Might your direct mail customers matched to your mobile segment respond to a barcode on your next mail piece? Might your less-active email subscribers link to a seasonal offer online? Will your active mobile customers click on a timely offer? Once you know your customers better, you can judge which direction to nudge them in—and find better ways to reach prospects just like them.

Keep your outreach fresh and engaging by keeping your marketing channel options wide open. That’s your best bet for success in an ever-changing marketplace.

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