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The Meaning of Color In Your Marketing Communications

By Bruce Browning | OlleyMay

Before you know it, it will be fall – time to jumpstart your marketing efforts.

How about working some bright new colors into your next direct marketing campaign? Grab attention, signal a special event, get your readers to take notice! It doesn’t take a lot of effort, just a little insight into the meaning of colors.

Here’s a quick guide to the messages colors can convey:

Red is passionate, powerful, attention-grabbing. (Think SALE in red, capital letters.) It’s also a Christmas color and one of the colors of our flag. It always packs an emotional punch.

Yellow is cheerful, smart, eye-catching. (No, not for regular text.  But think black text on a bright yellow background to grab attention!)

Orange is passionate and smart. Red and yellow combined – a message of power, warmth, authority. (Think a glowing fireplace, a fall sale, the photo above!)

Blue is calming, classy, classic. Everybody’s “favorite color,” so a great standby for any outreach. And it’s the other color in our flag. Darker blues are dignified, serious.

Green is fresh, refreshing, reassuring. The color of nature – and of money! It can signify fresh starts and prosperity.

Brown is comfortable, strong, earthy. When it moves toward burgundy, it conveys dignity, power, stability.

Of course, any colors you choose across your marketing channels will need to work well with your brand.

Consider adding a splash of color to your outreach this fall; it could help you shine bright.

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