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Analyze This! Can You Predict Landing Page Success?

Topics: Agencies, Web Analytics, Optimization, Web Sites
Date: March 19, 2010

Deciding what works on a Web site can be a contentious affair.

There are those on the team who think they know. There are those who know they know. And then there’s the HiPPO—the “highest paid person’s opinion.” In the end, lacking any real data or information, the HiPPO will often rule the day and decide what to do based simply on what he or she likes/thinks/believes. . .well, you get the idea. We’ve all been there.

But what if you have supporting data? What if you have real information? You might actually be able to keep the HiPPO at bay if you have real test results to go by. Even the HiPPO must concede that there’s no way to know what really works until you actually test it out.
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