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What Are Duplicate Records Costing You?

If you look carefully at your customer database, you will most likely find a high number of duplicates. What are these duplicates costing you? More than you might think.

Creating duplicates is easy. All a customer must do is contact or order from you more than once. Enter the human element—a missing period, an alternate spelling or any oversight at all. Now, you have a new entry. Or you may be using different data sources that don’t synchronize; for instance one data source for CRM needs, one for sales and one for marketing.

What are the consequences?

Your print and mailing costs go up. You only need to mail your postcard, your flyer or your catalog once. Duplicates cost you money. Not to mention the

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How Much Does Your Business Spend on Collateral?

Collateral development and production can be expensive. According to Caslon, 500 billion pages of marketing collateral are being produced annually – that’s a total retail value equal to $30 billion annually.

However, the visible part of the cost of collateral – the printing – is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, printing accounts for only 14% of the total cost, while the balance is spent on the processes to support it.

As an example, research show that 31% of printed material becomes obsolete and is thrown away.

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Great Advice for Tough Times

Deep recessions can bring deep cuts to marketing budgets, seen by management as a quick fix to decrease immediate spends. From outsourcing customer support to reducing customer communication and interaction, marketing budget cuts can take a severe toll on customer retention, revenue and profits.

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Personalized Magazines?

The world continues to get more personal. From clothing to footwear and more, consumers are offered a variety of choices to concentrate on our special interests while sifting out the irrelevant.

Personalized, custom-publishing has hit the print world too.

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How to Save Money on Postage

With the cost of postage increasing on May 11, 2009, companies will need to be more vigilant than ever when scrutinizing postage costs. A conscientious effort to cut wasteful postal spending in a challenged economy is essential to save money. One step to cut postage costs is an analysis of postal statistics. These are facts that every company needs to know.

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