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Boost Engagement and Conversions With a String of PURLs

By Bruce Browning | OlleyMay

One way to boost customer engagement – and your ROI – is to add a string of PURLs to your outreach.

A personal URL (PURL) is a Web page personalized to each customer’s name and preferences, such as: www.yourcompanysite/JaneDoe or www.yourcompany/JohnDoe.

Just as digital printing brought us the ability to personalize each piece of mail to a prospect or customer, PURLs enable personalization on Web pages and in social media.

Does that mean that if you mail to 100,000 names you have to construct 100,000 unique Web pages to refer each recipient to a unique Web page? No. That’s the good news.

PURLs are built dynamically when the Web address is typed into a browser. It’s only at that point that the content of each page is tailored to each visitor using information such as the customer’s buying habits or preferences.

So www.yourcompany/ and www.yourcompany/ may both be directed to the same overall landing page template, but each visitor will experience it with their own name in the url and their own page content, including offers, pictures and text.

So, when Jane is looking for a new desk online, her PURL will be built dynamically based on her preferences. Your text can read something like, “Jane, we recommend the Tropical Mahogany desk and bookcase. 10% off.” And “Swivel chairs recommended for Jane.” That personal touch (translated as relevance) is proven to increase customer interest and conversions. Think Amazon and Netflix.

There are a host of other things PURLs can do to boost engagement and response – such as giving Jane an option to share what she sees on her Facebook wall, which can also be tracked and measured.

We’ll get into those details in a future post.

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