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Branding Across Multiple Channels: Four Key Steps

By Bruce Browning | OlleyMay

In my previous post, I encouraged you to add some bright new colors to your fall campaigns.

But the thought of adding a new color to your look might stir up some concerns about maintaining your company image.

As I mentioned in that post, your printer can develop an array of shades that will complement, not contradict, your own company colors.

Now let’s take that idea a step further and talk about maintaining your unique brand across multiple channels. Here are four steps to take to establish a recognizable presence in all your outreach efforts.

Define your personality. Sure, you have a logo, and no doubt that includes your signature colors. But have you ever brainstormed what “personality” your look conveys? Professional? Casual? Serious? Fun? Strong? Flexible? Modern? Classic? Determining that personality will help ease your choices about color, presentation, tone, what have you.

Use your logo everywhere, and use its colors. The quickest way to make your mark at social networks, in direct mail pieces, in emails, is to include your logo. It doesn’t have to be huge, but it needs to be there. And use its colors first in any outreach – in borders, headlines, bullets, etc. Then adding a new splash of color can complement those established basics.

Match your outreach to your website. When crafting an attention-getting email or direct mail piece, make sure your website landing page reflects that same design. Using an autumn leaf to dazzle? Put it on that landing page, too.

Take care with fonts. Ideally, the font(s) in your logo will appear in your text, too. And if you’re using a unique font for an outreach – you got it – put it on that landing page, too! But don’t overdo it with font changes. Choose a couple of staples. Multiple fonts don’t dazzle – they just confuse.

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