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Can Advice Increase Conversion Rates? You Bet!

If you look around, marketers are increasing the interactivity of their sales experiences. There is a reason for it. Engaging customers in the sales process increases the likelihood that they will buy. If you can offer real, practical advice during the sales process that helps them make a better decision, so much the better.

One “active travel” company does this extremely well. When you go to its website1, it engages you immediately, asking a variety of questions about the type of travel experience you are looking for. For those interested in family vacations, for example, it asks the following questions:

How old are your children?

  • Teens
  • Almost teens
  • Youngsters
  • Mixed

When do you want to go?

  • Spring break
  • Summer break
  • Christmas vacation
  • Winter break

How active do you want to be?

  • Very active
  • Less active
  • Mix it up

What are you looking to explore on the trip?

  • Nature
  • Culture

Based on the visitor’s answers, the website automatically recommends specific trips based on these preferences.

The results? After the program had been in place for six months, 60% of those who went through the advice experience finished watching the company’s trip recommendation videos. The average time spent on the site was three minutes and 40 seconds, way above industry average. Forty percent of those who watched the videos clicked on the call to action page. Conversion rates were double those of visitors to the site who did not watch the videos.

Not every marketer can create such a sophisticated system, of course.  But you can do something similar with simple targeted marketing tactics across print and digital channels.

  • Send out a personalized postcard inviting people to answer questions on a form on your website.
  • Send a personalized letter that includes a tear-out survey or an invitation to respond to a survey by personalized URL/landing page. Set up fields in your database to hold the information you are collecting, then use that information to create laser-targeted marketing pitches based on the known needs and preferences of your customers.

Just imagine what this might do to your conversion rate!

1Family Trip Advisor

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