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Card Tricks – Boost Responses the Easy Way!

Do you include tear-off response cards or other forms in your direct marketing pieces? Do you send them blank or do you pre-fill them with information from your database?

If you are sending forms blank, you are leaving money on the table. Why? Because the more steps recipients must take to respond to your offer, the less likely they are to do it. Conversely, the easier you make it for them to drop the card in the mail, the more likely they are to respond.

Pre-filling your response cards is really a “no brainer” because it’s likely that you have all of the information in your database already. After all, you used the key data already to mail the piece. So pre-fill your response cards with as much data as you have—the recipient’s name, address, company, account or membership number and other information they might need to register for an event, request information or whatever else you are asking them to do. By doing so, you remove one of the barriers and your response rate goes up.

There is little extra effort on the marketer’s part. The data is there already. In fact, OlleyMay recently created a variable data mailing targeted to over 2,000 local candidates for a college. Prospective students were encouraged to respond by sending in a pre-filled in business reply card. Variable items within the mailer included:

  • “Program of interest” text on the front
  • Text on the back of the mailer
  • A personalized gift certificate
  • Pre-filled in business reply card for ease of response

By integrating variable data and pre-filling out key sections of the business response card, the college had the “best attendance ever” to their event; 40 of the 45 families that attended the open house were a direct result of the mailing.

It’s all in the cards
Try a quick and easy boost to your response rates. If you’re planning to send out any kind of form or response card, just start integrating data that you already have and make it easy for your target to respond.

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