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Three Approaches To Promoting Your Event Online

Thanks to the Internet, many more promotional avenues are available to event organizers than ever before, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional offline media and much easier to track and measure. But how do you decide which avenue is best for you? Will it be the increasingly popular social media? Or perhaps a dedicated page on your website? Let's consider some methods you can use to promote your next event.
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Dell Consumer Group Explores Segmented Marketing

By Richard H. Levey, Chief, Dec. 3rd, 2010

Dell will, of course, sell a computer to any interested prospect. But “You Can Tell It’s Dell”, a current campaign from the company’s Consumer and Small and Medium Business unit, is moving the focus away from mass marketing in favor of targeting four specific segments.

Each of the four groups – families with kids, mobile professionals, gamers and Gen-Y consumers – is being targeted with ads designed to appeal to it, and which additionally move away from price-focused, transactional advertising, according to Paul-Henri Ferrand, the CMO of Dell’s consumer and small and medium business unit.

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How Using Mail with Mobile Benefits Marketing Loyalty Programs

Topics: Integrated Marketing Campaign, Direct Mail, E-mail Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Marketing Loyalty Programs
Date: June 29, 2010

As pizza chains go, zpizza International may not be the largest — but it’s working furiously to ensure that its links to its customers are among the strongest in the business. Hoping to seize on the benefits of repeat customers, the California-based pizza maker recently created an integrated marketing campaign combining direct mail, e-mail and mobile to entice consumers to join its ztribe loyalty club.

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Rise of the Marketing Technologist

Topics: Management, Strategy
Publication: Chief Marketing Technologist
Date: April 26, 2010

Marketing has been flooded with a deluge of marketing technologies. Marketing technology isn’t just software you buy — it’s also software you create. Web applications, widgets, Facebook apps, iPhone apps, Android apps, interactive ads, the semantic web, and even

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ROI takes wheel after downturn

Topics: Direct mail, personalized URLS
Publication: DMNews
Date: January 18, 2010

Following a punishing year for the US auto industry, car manufacturers are refining their marketing efforts to place more emphasis on reaching new and existing customers. The laser-targeted messaging often includes regional campaigns. The reason is simple: Despite smaller budgets, savvy car marketers know that in a challenging, competitive marketplace, they need to make marketing dollars go farther with precise messages.

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Growth Through Relevance

Beyond Name Personalization: Tactics That Can Work for You in 2010

If you look around you, personalization is everywhere. It’s in your e-mail inbox. It’s your name on a catalog. It’s the customized coupons printed on your grocery store receipt. But what makes personalization actually work? This is a critical question for marketers, especially if they are going to put that personalization into print.

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