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Are You Top of Mind?

Quick! Name a soft drink. Chances are you thought of Coke or Pepsi. These beverage giants have spent millions in advertising with the goal of being at the top of your mind. You can repeat this exercise in any product…

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The Funny Side of Marketing

Have you heard the one about humor in print marketing? It’s more effective than you might think. Humor is one of the best ways to differentiate your product or service, making your message memorable and increasing your visibility. Information alone…

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Show Them You Care

Getting Personal with Your Customers Makes Them Feel Valued Everywhere you look, today’s marketing communications are personalized. Log into and you’ll get personalized recommendations based on your past purchases. Go to the grocery store and you’ll receive personalized coupons…

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Top-of-Mind Awareness

Remember the TV show “Cheers”? It was the bar you could go to where “everybody knows your name.” In marketing circles, the Cheers secret to success is called “top-of-mind awareness.” After all, making sales is easy if everybody already knows…

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