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Creating Customer Personas

Creating Customer Personas

Whether you are printing your marketing and collateral materials using offset or digital, whether your documents are static or variable, customer personas are a critical piece of the marketing puzzle. What is a customer persona? It is a “bucket” into which you place your customers or prospects that guides the messaging used in your communications.

Let’s say you’re a software marketing company. You know that your best customers tend to be:

  • middle managers,
  • quality control managers,
  • and IT staffers.

You create a persona, or theoretical personality model, for each bucket that describes not just their demographics (age, gender, vertical market, company size, department size), but also what makes them tick, where their pain points are, and what motivates them to make purchases. This lets you craft messaging, not around impersonal data, but around the needs and personalities of real people. The QC manager and IT staffer will have different motivators and personas. Seeing them as people—personas—helps you craft more effective messaging that connects with them in a way that is most likely to convert to a sale. Based on this persona, you can craft messaging that touches on real stress points, presents concrete solutions, and prompts purchase decisions.

Where can you use personas?

  • Direct Mail
  • Segmented Newsletters
  • Tradeshow Brochures
  • Email Campaigns
  • Sales Collaterals
  • … and everywhere else!

Need help? Talk to us about using personas to change the way you think about talking to your customers!

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