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Creating A Unique Visual Identity

Your customers receive a sea of conventional, redundant and uninteresting printed materials every day. Elevate your marketing collateral by creating a unique visual identity with simple design changes, no matter what your budget. The reward? Raised brand awareness and a favorable sales curve.

Being unique doesn’t mean throwing out the basic tenets of marketing and design. You must preserve a high level of continuity in presentation and message to create the perception of stability, strength and style. Yet you can avoid being stagnant with a dash of purposeful discontinuity, incorporating innovative copy, out-of-the-box typography, unexpected use of color and differentiating photography or illustration.

Your message. There are two extremes to messaging, ranging from “all flash and no substance” to overly complex language designed to inflate the importance of a company’s products and services. Communicating with clarity, humility and brevity, and even lightness and humor if appropriate for your audience, will set your company apart. If you are writing copy in-house, hire someone from outside the company to proofread and edit the copy to make sure your message is understandable and free of jargon.

Typography. Consider typography as a key design element. You can use different fonts and selective kerning to convey a specific image and tone, from classic to professional to playful to edgy. Beware of common techniques that make copy difficult to read, such as over-hyphenating, using too many windows, and filling every space with text. Make sure to include all special fonts in the files you send to us. Skipping this step can lead to printing delays.

Imagery. Images should be consistent with the content and tone of your message.While stock imagery is readily available and affordable, it is simply not possible to stand out from the crowd if the same doe-eyed model staring with conviction from the pages of your marketing piece is doing the same for your competitor. Make the investment in customized photography and illustration if your time and budget allow. We can help you determine what file formats and resolution you should use to produce your project. The placement and color of images is equally as important as the actual photos or illustrations. An image that is tightly cropped or bleeds off the page in an unexpected way will capture the reader’s interest. A black-and-white, selectively colored or sepia-toned photo might add far more drama than a four-color image. Sometimes less is more.

The finishing touches. Carefully select papers and finishes to further set your piece apart, taking into consideration textures, coatings, varnishes and unusual shapes and sizes. If you are concerned that a particular effect will be costly, such as a die-cut section, just ask. We can offer alternative approaches to achieve a similar effect in a more economical way.

The adage “everything old is new again” applies to differentiating yourself from the vanilla marketing approaches of your competitors. Keep an ongoing file of images, papers and copy that appeal to you as inspiration for your next marketing campaign. This takes time, but it could make your next campaign your most exciting ever!

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