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Designing Eye Catching Point Of Purchase Marketing Pieces

Designing Eye Catching Point of Purchase Marketing Pieces

Whether you have a new product to market or you simply wish to revamp your strategy, point of purchase – when designed appropriately – can make or break your efficiency in pulling customers toward your product instead of the competition. Try these tips:

Use contrast. If your company’s logo, window display or other color scheme is blue, use bright oranges to draw in the attention of potential customers.

Unique shapes. Are you selling tennis balls? Batteries? Bottles? Regardless of what your product is, create a kiosk or display that mimics the shape of your product. The 3D design pops out at customers, encouraging their exploration of the product. Perhaps you’re selling a service rather than an object. By using unique shapes like triangle, hexagons, or irregular shapes (such as those found in company logos), customers are drawn to the mystery.

Consider the use. Think of how your product will be used – would it be better to standalone at the end of an aisle or perhaps set on a checkout counter? If your product is more often an impulse buy, consider the most eye-catching design for register placement. Is your product going in a dimly-lit space? Use lighting to draw attention to your display. Interested in rebranding? Modern, clean approaches tend to illicit the greatest response. These designs incorporate all of the above while appealing to mass audiences regardless of prior personal preference.

Now What?

Using these tips, compare ideas with similar products. Also, consider the set up for stores – ease of assembly will determine how effective your product is advertised, especially if tricky construction leads to poor assemblage. Finally, remember point of purchase displays typically have short shelf lives, meaning grabbing the attention of customers as soon as possible is critical to branding your image.

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