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Developing Winning Look Books: 4 Things You Need To Know

Developing Winning Look Books: 4 Things You Need to Know

A look book is a powerful tool that helps showcase and define your brand. Make sure yours is done right by addressing all the essential aspects of this marketing material.

1. Your Paper Choice Matters

Customers browsing your look books will take in both the images themselves and the material they’re printed on. Don’t settle for a look book printed in your office. This is the time to invest in professional printing services and high quality materials. Think of your look book as a catalog in miniature with a more creative approach to imagery.

2. The Binding Pulls Your Look Together

If your look book is sleek and professional, customers will assume that your products are, too. Magazine binding is appropriate for magazines and catalogs, but most look books are much smaller. Saddle stitch binding gives you a slim product that you can easily mail, while still maintaining a look that’s more engaging than a brochure.

3. Look Book Design Says it All

If you don’t have a professional designer in house, it’s helpful to reach out to a design company for help composing your look book. Unlike catalogs, which highlight one item at a time, your look book will showcase your products together, offering stunning visual examples of how to pair your items perfectly. Proper design will help your products leap off the page and inspire customers to make a purchase.

4. It’s All About the Brand

Look books are extremely effective for defining your brand. In a series of carefully chosen images, you can tell customers a clear story about who you are. Carefully consider your colors, typography, and models to showcase the personality of your brand.

With professional printing and design services, you can create look books that truly take your marketing to the next level.

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