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Direct Mail – Effective Developments and the Future

Direct mail marketers have weathered a challenging 24 months. A number of industry related obstacles including the increases in postal rates have had a significant effect on direct mail campaigns. Direct mail marketers and service providers have risen to the tough economic conditions by developing new strategic techniques and investing in new technologies to battle against spiraling costs.

Three effective industry developments have transpired according to the DMNews:

  • The rapidly increasing adoption of trigger-based mailings;
  • The availability of revolutionary digital printing technology; and
  • The demand for more effective postal strategies to combat recent and future rate increases.

Each development has major standalone significance. Combined, these strategies work in concert to assist and harmonize the joint efforts for a vigorous direct marketing approach.

Trigger-Based Mailings

In the search to find new methods to multiply ROI, a number of direct marketers have started to gravitate to trigger-based mailings as the cannon to obtain results. Senior Management Director of Winterberry Group, Bruce Biegel, stated, “Tests have shown that highly personalized trigger mailing using fully variable color formats can produce upwards of 5 to 15 percent response rates, compared to the traditional direct mail channel, where 1 to 3 percent is considered a good return.”

Sophisticated Printing Systems

Direct marketing service providers that have invested in sophisticated printing systems are providing unprecedented versatility, enabling marketers to achieve “highly variable messaging, quality color, mixed forms, commingled data streams and affordable short runs – all within the same work flow.”

Effective Postal Strategies

Direct marketers that strive to find effective postal strategies to fight against the onslaught of continual rate increases employ a third strategy. There are a number of cutting edge technologies accessible to assist the marketer in implementing smart postal mail practices from companies that offer comprehensive solutions for entry-point deliveries to utilizing optimal packaging to optimize the direct mail campaigns.

As these emerging mail strategy developments are combined and strengthened, they structure the future of direct mail. The marketers that utilize the direct mail providers that offer these tools will have a fortified plan to reach optimal ROI in this tough economical climate and in the coming years.

How OlleyMay Can Help

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