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Engaging with customers via e-mail campaigns depends upon personalized, optimized content

Topics: E-mail Content Personalization, Personalized E-mail Campaigns
Publication: DMNews
Author: Pete Olson, VP of product management for Amadesa
Date: August 3, 2010

Marketers have long had the ability to deliver targeted, personalized e-mail campaigns. Techniques such as list segmentation, subject line testing, text personalization and other custom campaign settings (triggering an e-mail based on a cart abandonment, for example) are all techniques that improve engagement and e-mail click-through rates.

However, the level of understanding marketers have had about the efficacy of e-mail content has been limited. While companies may use segmented lists and optimized delivery schedules, they are less likely to know what content to show individual recipients to maximize revenue or conversion rates. This is a missed opportunity to bridge the gap between the business and the consumer, particularly when the capability to collect this information is now readily available. Truly personalized e-mail campaigns should be able to answer questions about the relationship between specific content and results. Furthermore, these marketing efforts must also test the visual elements within e-mail campaigns and work to automatically optimize them over time, based on learned behaviors.

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