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Nothing salesy. That's so 80s.
Just real talk about your needs.
Some Things That Might Be On Your Mind...

It’s terrible to keep things in your mind. Taking up space. Wondering, hoping, wishing. Just ask away … it’s OK.

Well, we like to keep things simple. We simply need this that and the other to get going. The first 3 projects are due on receipt and then from that point on you will have an account with us and will be invoiced as we complete projects. All payments are due in 30 days. We accept all major credit cards.

We aim to make our life together a pleasureable one! 🙂

You’ll work with your account manager on each project. He/she can be reached via email, phone and text for maximum convenience.

For projects that require a more hands on approach we’ll meet face to face and review the details to ensure we’re clear and on the same page. When meeting face to face doesn’t work out we’ll meet online using cameras. We feel it’s important to have a personal touch on custom projects.

Proofing is typically done using our powerful online tool that let’s you collaborate and share proofs with colleagues.

We send emails and direct mail throughout the year containing helpful information, all in the spirit of helping you sell more and sleep better at night.

Well, we all know things happen. It’s life. But when they do happen we like to be on it like white on rice!

OlleyMay offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so rest assured we will do what it takes to make a project right and ensure you’re happy.

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