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Four Creative Direct Mail Tactics That Boost Response

By Bruce Browning | OlleyMay

A creative direct mail campaign can cut through today’s digital overload and grab attention on an immediate, one-to-one level.

With the right combination of tactics, a savvy mailing can spur customer interest and engagement.

There are lots of ways to create a direct mail campaign that will get you noticed.  All it takes is a little ingenuity.

Here are four creative direct mail tactics proven to help you stand out, and boost response:

Make it relevant. Crunch your customer data to identify your target audiences. Then adjust your content to vary its appeal to each specific segment. Segmentation is a proven way to increase readership, response rates and retention.

Add a personalized wrap. Sending a multi-page mailer, a catalog, a magazine? Add a personalized cover to it. For instance, create a call-out and point the recipient to certain pages in the publication. “Bill, we thought you might be most interested in pages 8 and 10.” Or “Mary, see pages 2-3 for special offers on kitchen gadgets.”

Personalize a label. Sending a tube, a box, or large envelope? Personalize the address label to increase the attention-grabbing factor. “Lisa, don’t miss your enclosed 15% off coupon.” You can even add a personalized URL to the label to add a digital component to the campaign. “Jim, check out your personal Web page loaded with values just for you!”

Go lumpy. Take a chance and send a piece of “lumpy mail” instead of a standard flat. Unique mailing containers stand out – and can be especially effective with B2B audiences. Can your new solution “clean up” accounting challenges? Send your outreach in a bucket-shaped pencil holder. Offering solutions for the coming year? Send a free engagement calendar in a thick, inviting envelope.

There are tons of ways to get noticed with the right direct mail campaign. Be creative!

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