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Go Multichannel to Avoid Digital Overload

By Bruce Browning | OlleyMay

Yes, the world is embracing mobile at an astounding rate, but marketers beware: That enthusiasm doesn’t necessarily translate to a heavy-on-the-mobile marketing strategy.

According to the 2012 Digital Advertising Attitudes Report conducted by YouGov for Upstream, two-thirds of consumers say they are “turned off” by unwanted advertising on their mobile or smart phones.

Two-thirds!  Just one more reason to go multichannel, if you ask me.

Here are three tips for maintaining an effective multichannel marketing mix, based on recent  survey findings about consumer preferences, as reported at Marketing Charts:

Keep using email for ads and promos. Upstream says that 34% of consumers prefer to receive ads and promotions via a detailed email. That’s more than double those who prefer a short text-only message such as a tweet, Facebook message, Google Adwords message, or SMS (15%).

Use Facebook, Twitter, and email for customer updates. According to a recent report from AYTM Market Research, short messages from Facebook and Twitter (32%) and emails (27%) ranked as the leading ways consumers prefer to get updates from their favorite brands.

Target and personalize your messages. According to the Upstream survey, 26% of US (and UK) consumers say they are more likely to respond to messages tailored to their personal interests. And 22% are more likely to respond to promotions that are location-specific.

Finally, don’t forget the importance of adding direct mail to your marketing mix. As I noted in a previous post, 50% of US consumers prefer direct mail to email, and 25% of recipients feel direct mail is more trustworthy than email, according to a recent study by Epsilon.

What’s the bottom line here? To connect with your customers on a personal, relevant level, consider a balanced cross-channel approach to your advertising outreach. Personalized, multi-channel communications boost multi-plied response — and create more loyal customers.

Source: Marketing Charts.

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