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How to Expand Your Customer Connections on Facebook

By Bruce Browning | OlleyMay

I talked a while ago about using personalized URLs (pURLs) to connect with customers one-to-one. In short, when a customer responds to an ad through, say, an email link, you can direct her to a pURL that speaks to her unique preferences. Instant TLC!

But you can take that connection even farther. Say that customer loves what she sees on the pURL — a great price on a kitchen gadget, or (if it’s a B2B site) a free whitepaper.

She’s impressed, so she clicks on the Facebook Like button you’ve included on the page, and shares the news with her friends and colleagues on Facebook. Instant reach!

And with today’s technologies, you can track what that customer shares to Facebook, monitor the conversation, and, when appropriate, respond! Your connection has just expanded to a whole new community.

How can you respond? Here are three suggestions:

•  Enter the chat when someone asks a question, and offer a useful answer.
•  Slip an ad onto your Facebook page with a discount for viewers.
•  Add a “Best Customer” special offer to your customer’s pURL.

The possibilities for continued connection are huge — if you’re willing to be creative. And with the right digital setup, you can track and measure that customer’s value for months to come.

That’s a smart, contemporary way to use customer connections to boost response and results.

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