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How to Save Money on Postage

With the cost of postage increasing on May 11, 2009, companies will need to be more vigilant than ever when scrutinizing postage costs. A conscientious effort to cut wasteful postal spending in a challenged economy is essential to save money. One step to cut postage costs is an analysis of postal statistics. These are facts that every company needs to know.

According to the US Postal Service, over 44 million people change their postal mailing address every year. By cleaning your company’s mailing lists of out-of-date addresses, mailing costs will be decreased. You will also have the assurance that the mailings will arrive and arrive on time.

Additional advantages to deleting invalid addresses from a mailing list include ensuring that your company will continue to receive discounted mail rates on First-Class mail rates. “In addition to the extra cost and potential for late delivery, an out-of-date mailing list can prevent you from receiving discounted mail rates. And in the future, the ramifications of a bad list will get even worse. The USPS requires that you update your mailing lists with moves and address changes in order to receive discounts on your First-Class mail rates,” stated Raymond Chin in the DMNews.

Cleaning out-of-date addresses from mailing lists will help a company save money. It is a crucial step to enable a company to make certain that mailings reach customers. It increases the return on investment for companies while bracing for the postage cost increase in May 2009.

How OlleyMay Can Help
OlleyMay recently saved one client 29% on their postage by simply reclassifying their mail without delaying delivery time. To find out how OlleyMay can help your company save money with printing and mailing services, call (914) 939-8800.

To order a complimentary Postal Rate Change booklet, contact Richard Fehn at (914) 933-0382 or contact us.

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