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How To Stay In Front Of Customers And Prospects For 12 Months With One Simple Postcard

How to Stay in Front of Customers and Prospects for 12 Months With One Simple Postcard

I picked up this postcard at my son’s school in Ridgefield, CT not too long ago. The postcard is produced by Newpond Farm in Redding, CT.

I thought the mailer was quite interesting and effective for a couple of reasons:

  • 12 months of events on one postcard. The timeline layout is an effective, clever use of this postcard’s jumbo size (6″x11″). If your organization has scheduled events during the year that you want to promote, this layout can be an effective way to display all of your events in one shot. I bet this card lasts months in someone’s home just for this reason, even if the dates get transferred to a digital calendar because we all know the term: “out of sight, out of mind.”
  • The cut out corner for membership. I thought this was a clever addition to a postcard. Recipients simply cut out the corner, fill it in and send it back in an envelope. Adding a landing page would be a nice additional membership signup option, but nonetheless this is not so much to ask of the recipient. And to help justify the cost of your membership, just flip the card over and see all that you get for one full year.

This card is big, measuring 6″x11″. The cost to print and mail it is not overwhelming. In fact the postage cost is the same rate as a letter (around 40 cents first class pre-sorted, around 30 cents bulk rate, and around 18 cents as a non-profit mailing, though that could go to around 13 cents each depending on the type of mailing.)

It sure does pack a lot of content, but I must say that I don’t feel overwhelmed since the content is well written and relevant to me. The more the better actually. The design will not win an award, but it doesn’t need to if the content is relevant and timely to the audience.

What do you think about the piece? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Happy marketing!


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