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Is Online Printing The Right Solution For Your Business?

Is Online Printing the Right Solution For Your Business?

Online printing services are an increasingly popular choice for companies of all sizes.  Depending on your project, online printing can offer fast, convenient and cost-effective results.  Here are the details to help decide if it’s right for your project.

How online printing works.

You can place an order anytime, day or night, without leaving your home or office.  The process is simple.  Using the company’s web based software you upload the digital file for the print job.  Depending on the service you may also be able to design it yourself from scratch or a template.

Turnaround times are usually fast, but you will have to allow for shipping.  Most services use digital printing techniques to keep prices low and accommodate short run jobs.  If you require color matching for PMS colors or proofs are needed, those are extra charges.

Tips for choosing a printing service.

If you need extras like laminating, cutting or binding, make sure the printing service you’re considering provides them.  Make sure the type of file you plan on uploading is compatible with their service.  Although your choices will be more limited, there still needs to be a decent variety of papers and sizes available.  Review the return and cancellation policies in advance.

When is it best to use a local printer?

Some businesses prefer to source what they need locally or certain projects may require additional assistance.  Here are some other times to go local.

  • You have detailed questions about the process
  • You need to see project or paper samples
  • The project needs an unusual paper size, specialty inks or finishes, or strict color or quality control.

If you don’t have those special needs, online printing can get your company the marketing materials you need without putting a strain on your budget.  This makes it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes.

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