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Mr. Dog Creates An Immersive Brand Experience With Unique Packaging Design

Mr. Dog Creates an Immersive Brand Experience with Unique Packaging Design

A purveyor of quality products for dogs, Mr. Dog delights customers by capitalizing on the advantages of digital printing technology.

Like many of us, the founders of Mr. Dog believe people and dogs inhabit a shared world where there should be no difference between the quality, functionality and beauty of products for people and products for dogs. It is the company’s mission — and passion — to create well-designed, charming and functional dog products that meet a high standard; crafting something better than any other product on the market. Mr. Dog’s products are designed to complement your décor as much as any of your treasured home furnishings.

The company does not create or market novelty or costume products, but rather is intent upon being a purveyor of quality dog goods made in the USA. The brand chose this path because, for Mr. Dog, it’s discouraging to read about recalls of pet products made in foreign countries where it can be difficult, at best, to confirm the manufacturer’s commitment to quality or verify its code of ethics. By choosing local manufacturers, Mr. Dog can see its products in production and ensure quality control, which the marketer knows is a large part of its success and ability to maintain customer loyalty.

Through its products and product packaging, Mr. Dog has embraced a classic sense of the mercantile, yet reinterpreted the concept with a more modern flair, catering to the way people shop today — and the way people share their shopping experiences.

At a time when 40 percent of the overall market and 74 percent of young adults share a positive shopping experience in their social networks, Mr. Dog delights customers with an unsurpassed omnichannel experience in-store, online and in the home. With an acute eye to superior product packaging, Mr. Dog has grown sales by as much as 50 percent via unique product presentations — presentations retailers are quick to consider as anchor products for in-store displays.

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Originally published by Brand United

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