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How to Personalize a Catalog for Increased Readership, Response and Retention

Let’s say you’ve got a big bertha publication that your customers love and look forward to receiving. Call it a catalog. Even a directory.

But how can you use personalization on such a big product like a 200-page catalog? Way too cost prohibitive, right? Wrong.

Try OlleyMay’s MagWrap (OK, we didn’t brand that but it has a nice catch to it…). OlleyMay is able to personalize the outer wrap/cover of your publication. Makes sense right? It’s the first thing your recipients see and it makes an immediate impact. You can use name personalization (like the sample here) or go deeper and start recommending pages and sections of your catalog based on transaction history. The possibilities are endless. The results? Higher response, readership and retention.

“The great thing about OlleyMay is that they understand the need for quick, accurate turnarounds, essential in our industry. Having worked with them since 2009, we certainly trust the quality of their overall performance and, in particular, the finished product.”   ~Jane Lees, Director Barnhart Consulting

PS – Ask us how to kick it up a notch and turn your multi-page documents into online readable e-pubs for your website or tablet publishing needs; essential in our industry.

OlleyMay Services Rendered:

  • Personalization
  • Commercial printing
  • Perfect binding
  • Domestic & international mailing & fulfillment
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