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Online Collaboration Saves Time and Money for All

online collaboration
View, comment and collaborate online using OlleyMay's online tools.

It’s a fast-paced world. Nobody has time anymore. And sometimes it seems we work endless hours on end.

And then when you throw in all the details involved in editing, proofing and managing multiple rounds when creating marketing communications, things can get ugly. Real ugly.

That’s why OlleyMay has invested in remote proofing and viewing tools for its clients, giving them the ability to collaborate online with us and with their own teams as a way to save time and money during the creation process.

Here are two of our favorite tools:

Edit, comment and view everyone's feedback in real time

Online Collaboration Software

OlleyMay uses powerful, friendly software that allows all parties to manage marketing communication proofs online. From digital to print designs, OlleyMay’s online proofing system allows customers to:

  • View, comment & markup
  • Download PDFs
  • Approve
  • Circulate edits and revisions to team members
  • Collaborate with team members

All in real time, 24/7/365.

This has proven to be a life saver for many clients! Even Tom at the office gets all excited when he posts a proof online….see for yourself [Tom Posts ProofTom Posts Proof




Remote LIVE Proofing

Remote camera shows your document LIVE - like being in our office!

And for those customers that want to view a live project while in the works or before it mails or ships, for instance, OlleyMay uses a remote camera that clients can view in real time by simply logging into a secure web address.

Once logged you’re able to view your document and zoom in and zoom out. It’s like being at a desk with us right in our office! Works great for that last-minute review and can cut down on overnight costs. Some customers even take screen shots and circulate them amongst their team members.

If you’re not taking advantage of these collaboration tools by OlleyMay, be sure to ask us about them the next time we work together. We’re certain you’ll love them!



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