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How Online Ordering Can Cut Direct Mail Costs and Time-to-Market

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Fast and Easy Online Customization and Ordering of Marketing Collateral

Let’s admit it. We’ve created a monster — and that monster’s name is the modern American consumer.

Thanks to the technological, digital and marketing innovations of America’s companies, today’s customers want what they want the second they want it – and that leaves us all scrambling to provide it.

How can you keep up with your customers’ ever-changing preferences? One way is to tap into an online marketing portal.

Here’s a case in point from one of OlleyMay’s recent projects that shows how a new online capability boosted one team’s direct mail outreach — and results:

Formed in 1991, DLC is one of the nation’s preeminent owners, operators and managers of shopping centers in theUnited States. DLC wanted to gain a competitive edge in selling retail space within their shopping centers,

OlleyMay built a website that empowered DLC employees to simply go online and order customized, promotional direct mail that could be printed and mailed on-demand. Here are just some of the benefits the new site provided them:

Speed. Using state-of-the-art digital printing and personalization services, DLC employees now order, print, address and mail direct mail promotions within 36 hours.

Convenience. The website is available 24/7/365 for users to place orders. Orders can be routed directly to be printed and mailed, or routed for approval by a manager.

Targeting. Online marketing and sales collateral are “templatized” and can be customized by the user. Customizing a message is as simple as typing it in and viewing an online proof. Direct mail lists can easily be uploaded to personalize the collateral in a multitude of ways to grab more attention.

Control. Different authorization levels can be set up to control features such as budgeting, inventory, reporting and editing. Such robust, flexible features allow DLC to lock down their brand in a secure online environment.

Not only has DLC significantly reduced printing and postage waste, but it’s also reduced time — the time it takes to manage printing projects as well as the time it takes to get their message out to prospects. And we all know time is BIG money these days.

What might all this mean to you? I’ll wager there are online marketing capabilities you have yet to tap that could boost your results through the roof. Give me a call at (914) 468-7052 or email me to view a demo about online marketing portals and custom Web applications. – Bruce Browning

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