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Business-to-Business Lead General Direct Mail Campaign
Business-to-Business Lead General Direct Mail Campaign
Business-to-Business Lead General Direct Mail Campaign

Lead Generation Campaign Opens Doors to Fortune Brands

Connexity sells subscription based software that provides detailed insights about consumer shopping trends derived from an exclusive online panel of shoppers. Marketers use this shopping data to gain more detailed insights about their customer as a way to help build stronger relationships and online shopping experiences for their brand. 

OlleyMay was called upon by Connexity’s London office to create a direct mail marketing campaign to a targeted audience of major brands in the United States in an effort to aid in client acquisition and retention.

To convey the “revealing” of consumer data insights that Connexity’s software platform offers, OlleyMay created a “Russian doll” concept consisting of three boxes nested inside of each other. Each box would reveal a custom message about the power of Connexity’s platform of data insights. The innermost box contained a cover letter with a live signature, a brochure and a branded computer mouse with Connexity’s logo printed in silver.

The campaign was well received by management and large brands on their target list and is under consideration for being repeated in the United Kingdom. A separate campaign by the United States’ marketing team was launched a few months later.

OlleyMay’s services included:

  • Concept & strategy
  • Design & branding
  • Copywriting
  • Custom box manufacturing
  • Printing & fulfillment

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