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The Direct Marketing Association needed to increase attendance and revenue for their annual conference. OlleyMay created the perfect solution…

Campaign Snapshot

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) wanted to increase attendance to its main annual conference, which happens to be the nations largest marketing event, the DMA Annual Conference & Exhibition. Instead of using the same direct marketing approach from previous years which included generic email and direct mail, OlleyMay recommended the use of multi-channel personalization to better connect with its audience. OlleyMay’s strategy was to use highly targeted e-mail and direct mail combined with personalized Web registration pages. Each channel would contain highly personalized content – specifically connecting each target recipient with recommended sessions and exhibitors based on the results of OlleyMay’s data analytics. Once the data analytics was complete, OlleyMay was able to create very strategic designs across print and digital channels using variable content – fusing the analytics results with the messaging, design and content to create more meaningful connections to the recipients; connections designed to increase relevance and break through the clutter recipients receive daily. Ultimately, connections that increased attendance and revenue for the Direct Marketing Association.


The Direct Marketing Association was ecstatic with the campaign which not only increased attendance but also increased revenue over $65,000 for the association during a difficult economic period.

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