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GoodRx helps consumers find the lowest price for prescription drugs at their local pharmacy. In order to acquire customers and grow their business quickly on a national level, GoodRx utilizes multiple marketing channels including email, direct mail, banner ads, online re-targeting and mobile apps.

OlleyMay was commissioned with setting up and launching GoodRx’s automated, direct mail marketing, totaling tens of thousands of direct mail letters each week.

Each mail package included the following:

  • Personalized letter
  • Personalized prescription savings card
  • Addressed envelope

Multiple A/B tests were performed on a weekly basis, sometimes over 100 cells, until the highest response/cost ratio was identified. Tests included window vs. non-window envelopes, colored envelopes and personalized messaging on the outer envelope to name a few.

Of all of their marketing methods, their direct mail program proves to generate the highest return on their investment. In their words:

“Our data shows that direct mail proves out better than email and other digital channels.”

As a way to save money and provide quicker speed to market, OlleyMay pre-printed letterhead and envelopes for immediate use. Cards with unique IDs were also printed and stored for immediate use, as well as printed on demand. With each automated data feed, OlleyMay produced the personalized letters, affixed cards to match recipient names, matched to the mailing envelope and mailed on demand, sometimes in as little as two business days.


Services provided:

  • Data management
  • Data segmenting
  • A/B testing management
  • Custom Web development
  • Variable data printing
  • Matched mailing

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