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The Rockland County Gaelic Athletic Association is the largest Irish football club in the United States – and the only club to own their own playing fields which are located in Blauvelt, New York. In an effort to expand their facilities, they host an annual fundraiser for which a 400-page Dinner Journal is produced.

photoFor the past number of years the RCGAA has entrusted the layout and production of this journal to OlleyMay for a number of reasons including speed of execution, reliability and quality of the final product.The journal is a combination of advertising pages, player/honoree bios, photos and feature articles. Although we begin to organize the ads and content for the Journal several weeks before the dinner event, the vast majority of the advertising content only arrives in the last week before print to maximize advertising revenue.

Approximately 400 pages then have to be designed, organized into various sections (such as Gold, Silver, Emerald and Black), proofread, printed and delivered – all within a 3-4 day time frame. Designs were coming in from all directions — email, text messages, napkins, phone! It was like a sand storm.

Because we’re able to extend the deadline for advertising pages to the last possible day the Rockland GAA captures as much revenue as possible, ensuring a very profitable Journal.

OlleyMay Services provided:

  • Design & layout
  • On-demand, digital printing

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