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Customer Highlight: New Membership Up 67% at the Wilton Family YMCA

The Challenge

The Wilton Family YMCA, one of the largest YMCAs in the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut region, wanted to increase its membership base, stay top of mind with current members, and re-establish its national brand in the local community.

OlleyMay was chosen as the agency of record to create marketing communications designed to achieve all of these goals.

About 12 months and multiple campaigns later, new membership is up 67%, retention is over 80% and the buzz around town has been evident.

Blast Off!

Working with the Wilton YMCA’s executive director and membership team, OlleyMay started the marketing schedule about 12 months ago with a personalized, multi-channel marketing approach that combined direct mail, e-mail and Web response pages with an engaging, informative video that stressed the benefits of membership in the YMCA.

Direct mail and email were timed to arrive within days of each other. Each target household received a personalized direct mail package including gift cards and a call to action, encouraging a 2-week trial membership. A follow-up email was sent within days of the direct mail campaign, containing a link to a personalized landing page that contained a video presentation. The design and copy of each outreach conveyed a personalized message and invitation from the membership director, with a defined statement of benefits and a due date for response.

Since the initial marketing campaign, OlleyMay has produced a number of additional campaigns.

“OlleyMay has done a great job for us,” says Bob McDowell,  Executive Director, Wilton Family YMCA. “They bring a fresh perspective, new ideas and marketing best practices which compliment our internal efforts very effectively.”

Results to Date

The client has been very happy with the results and the ROI. So far the marketing efforts are generating new family and adult memberships, resulting in an increase of 67% over the previous years’ in-house efforts, and an ROI of over 3X. In addition, the management team and YMCA staff agree that the image of the YMCA has been upgraded and re-established within the local community.

“It’s nice to be able to work with such a great team at the Wilton Family Y. We are truly honored to be able to help them convey the wonderful benefits that their Y offers the local community,” says Bruce Browning, President of OlleyMay.

OlleyMay Services Provided

– Planning + strategy
– Copy writing
– Design + concept
– Personalized e-mail marketing
– Personalized Web page
– Video/slideshow presentation
– Printing and mailing
– Tracking and metrics

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