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Project Highlight: On-Demand, Personalized Membership Kits Reduce Costs and Time to Market

The Challenge

HADASSAH, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America, is a volunteer women’s organization located in New York City. When HADASSAH was ready to increase their membership marketing efforts for its centennial celebration, they knew they would need a more automated, streamlined way to handle membership sign-ups without sacrificing their high quality standards.

The Solution

OlleyMay had just the solution. Working with HADASSAH’s design and database team, OlleyMay was able to create a single-sheet marketing piece that was previously four different components. Combining a brochure, a membership card, a business reply card and a pin all in one, the new membership “kit” was not only more efficient but was also dynamically personalized in the printing process in up to 10 areas based on membership type and level. All printed and fulfilled on-demand.

The Benefits

In addition to HADASSAH being able to confidently increase their marketing efforts, knowing that they would be able to fulfill new increased demand, HADASSAH also reduced its overall printing and postage costs, thus increasing the return on their membership program. In addition, HADASSAH was also able to make closer connections with their customers by offering more personalized kits.

OlleyMay Services Provided

  • Strategy and concept
  • Personalization programming and development
  • On-demand, digital printing
  • Mailing & fulfillment
  • Inventory management- On-demand, digital printing
  • Personalized e-mail marketing
  • Personalized response pages
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