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Proof Positive That Direct Mail Works: The 2012 Presidential Campaign

By Bruce Browning | OlleyMay

If you’re still on the fence about using direct mail as a part of your marketing outreach, here’s one more (very big) argument in its favor, from a recent article in the Washington Post:

“The two presidential campaigns have spent nearly twice as much on old-fashioned fliers, get-out-the-vote cards and other forms of direct mail as they have on Internet advertising, according to disclosure data and campaign aides.”

Nearly twice as much! Now, that’s proof positive that direct mail is a vital communication medium.

Some reasons why direct mail is a campaign powerhouse:

Direct mail can target an older audience that still prefers it. Baby Boomers and retirees may still prefer getting messages through the mail rather than over digital channels.

A mail piece can target a personal message to any demographic. The Obama campaign has used mailings aimed at women, Latinos, pet owners and a host of other demographic subgroups, the article reports.

Mailings can target specific topics – and get noticed – better than messages sent through massive digital channels. Case in point: The Romney campaign mailed fliers to voters in Northern Virginia hawking the candidate’s commitment to fighting Lyme Disease, a growing problem in the area.

The possibilities for getting a personalized message directly into a reader’s hands are endless with direct mail. To this day, nothing beats it for one-to-one communication.

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