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Relevancy, Loyalty’s Third R, Key To Future Success

Topics: Loyalty Marketing
Publication: DIRECT Magazine
Author: Richard H. Levey
Date: September 21, 2010

Loyalty marketers are rarely accused of being slow off the mark, and the rate at which they have innately grasped two of the three Rs of loyalty marketing – reward, recognition, relevance –supports this.

Take rewards. Marketers are long accustomed to giving tangible thanks – airline tickets, extra groceries and so forth – to their customers who change their behavior and offer insights into what they value. And recognition has been offered in the form of special access to events or information, or upgrades when inventory allows.

But consumers are inundated with messages, Bryan Pearson, president of LoyaltyOne told an audience at the Colloquy Loyalty Summit. The sheer volume of information aimed at them has grown as communications channels have expanded to encompass social media and mobile communication.

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