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Saving Money by Incorporating CDs into the Mix

TSAM North America wanted to take their event book to the next level while saving money. OlleyMay was up for the challenge.  By streamlining the entire event book by adding previously printed content to a CD, we the OlleyMay team was not only able to make the presentation more interactive and engaging, but also accomplished the goal of saving money: 180 pages of printed content didn’t need to get produced! Call it a little greener while we’re at it.

“When it came time to upgrade our event book for our upcoming TSAM North America 2011 event, we knew OlleyMay was up to the task. They exceeded our expectations and went above and beyond on this assignment, by saving us money and streamlined the entire book.” Says Sally McAlpine, Head of Event Management.

OlleyMay Services Rendered:

  • Strategy and conceptualization
  • Design and creative
  • Printing, Bindery & Hand Fulfillment
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