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Targeted, engaging, relevant direct marketing can help you acquire new customers and retain your current customers.
Following direct marketing best practices across multiple channels, you can count on OlleyMay to write, design and launch your next marketing campaign that will break through the clutter and help you grow.

NEW - Compliment Your Next Direct Mail Campaign With Online Ads to Exponentially Increase Your Chances for Higher Reach, Readership and Rresponse


That’s right! New technologies allow you to increase your marketing effectiveness and reach by targeting your direct mail recipients with online display ads across popular websites AND social media sites such as Facebook.

Call us at (914) 380-7510 today to learn more, or fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll be in touch quickly.

OlleyMay creates compelling marketing campaigns that keep our members engaged while helping grow our Y. I highly recommend them.

OlleyMay has been instrumental in our Centennial membership drive. They not only streamlined our Centennial membership kit as a way to reduce costs and turnaround time, but they also personalized each kit so it was unique and relevant to each new member, ultimately helping with membership retention.

Most travel marketers utilize either direct mailing of brochures or generic e-mail blasts. OlleyMay created an integrated, multi-channel campaign based on our data intelligence. That’s why the results were so impressive.

count on olleymay to handle all of your campaign details



Clean data can make or break response rates. You can count on OlleyMay for new list sales, data cleansing, appending, segmenting and mining to help ensure you have the most responsive campaign possible.


Clear, persuasive copy that follows direct response best practices, combined with an attractive and creative design will increase your marketing response rates.


Once the foundation is set, you can count on OlleyMay to deploy your campaign across various channels for maximum reach, readership and response including direct mail, email and landing pages.

Increase the impact and "stickiness" of your direct mail using magnetized postcards by OlleyMay

Imagine if your postcard was KEPT FOR MONTHS by your target audience. Now it’s possible with OlleyMay’s full line of direct mail magnet products.

Immediate benefits of OlleyMay’s magnetized postcards include:

  • MAXIMUM “STICKINESS”: your message and brand can last for months
  • EXPANDED REACH: other people will most likely see your message and brand
  • DONE-FOR-YOU: for your convenience OlleyMay uses direct marketing best practices to write, design, print, mail and track your postcard using our template library or your custom design

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