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Slow Down Your Marketing This Summer at Your Own Risk

Summer is fast approaching. Beaches, pools and barbeques. Time to relax, right?

Sure. Just don’t make the mistake of letting your marketing go stale. Leads need to keep coming in. Customers expect you to stay in touch and listen. And competition for your customers is as fierce as ever.

Here are a few hot ideas to keep your marketing communications sizzling:

  • Clean up your value proposition. Take some time and be sure your value proposition is current and still delivers in this economy. Are you able to answer the “WIFM” (“What’s in it for me?”) question in your audience’s minds?
  • Organize your customer data. Separate your best customers from your dormant ones.  Who haven’t you heard from in the last 6 months? Define which products and services are selling best and least. Armed with these insights you can start to swiftly execute highly targeted, ROI-based tactics this fall.
  • Thank your loyal customers. Customer loyalty is fragile these days and showing your appreciation can go a long way. Consider structuring a loyalty program if you’ve got some down time, or even simply reaching out to your best customers with a hand-written “thank you” card.

So put down the 5-hour power juice, grab some lemonade, relax (a little) and get started on using the summer months to your advantage. 

Bruce and the OlleyMay team 

P.S. Give us a call and we can help you get started with any of the above ideas today.

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