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Survey Says…Digital Printing Preferred Over Offset Printing

A recent survey by Gartner Group Inc. shows that digital printing overwhelmingly ranks higher than offset lithography for better image quality and value.

The survey of 442 production print managers in the United States and Europe was conducted in the 4th quarter of 2008 as a way to better understand the printing and mailing requirements of production print buyers.

Overall, respondents believed that toner devices provide the best image quality and the best value for money. The survey showed that respondents preferred toner printing over offset printing by a significant margin as can be seen in the chart below.

Source: Gartner User Survey Analysis: Production Print Buyers Prefer Digital Printing to Offset Printing

This is very understandable, as the quality and benefits of digital printing have advanced so much in the last few years; audiences find it hard pressed to see the difference between the actual process being used.
Other than quality, digital printing allows you to:

  • Get to market extremely fast
  • Print unlimited versions to appeal to your varying audience (using variable data technology)
  • Vary content such as images and graphics in an effort to increase relevance of your communication. The result: increased readership and response rates (custom-content direct marketing)

Sure, digital printing is by no means a replacement to offset printing, but the process is a great compliment that adds tremendous benefits to ones arsenal of communication methods when combined with other media channels.

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