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Tap This USPS Discount to Boost Your Spring ROI

By Bruce Browning | OlleyMay

I’m always pushing the virtues of multichannel marketing. It offers customers a choice of ways to engage with you, learn about you — and buy from you.

The US Postal Service apparently agrees. As reported at Digital Nirvana, the USPS Mobile Commerce and Personalization Promotion is offering discounts in 2012 to direct mailers who add mobile to their marketing mix.

Basically, all you need do to qualify for the discount is put a mobile barcode on your mail piece that, when scanned by a cell phone, links back to an ecommerce website.

Now, of course, there are rules and regulations to follow to get the savings, but a good printer/mailer can handle all of those for you. With some help, you could, say:

  • Create a personalized postcard targeted to customers sure to be interested in your latest product. Let’s say it’s a garden tiller designed to make spring planting easier.
  • Include a mobile barcode on the back of the card that, when scanned by their cell phone, directs them to a website featuring the tiller – which they can order with a click of a Buy button.
  • Or add a barcode that, when scanned, will lead your recipient to his or her very own personalized webpage (PURL) showing a bunch of gardening-tool options based on that person’s customer data.

The USPS discount can apply to Standard Mail and First-Class Mail letters, flats, and cards. Like I said, a good printer/mailer can handle the compliance details.

Wondering how this might generate some real ROI for you? Give me a call at 914.468.7052, or send me an email at We’ll take a look.

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