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Targeting with QR Codes

QR Code Users: More Educated, Higher Incomes Study Shows

Have you ever seen a QR code? One of those checker-box-like squares in print ads, bulletin boards, or direct mail? If you haven’t, you might be in the minority—and missing the sales and lead generation opportunities they offer. A survey of 415 smartphone users conducted in February 2011 by MGH, a Maryland-based advertising and media planning firm, found that 65% of smartphone users have seen a QR code. Of these, nearly half (49%) have used one.

Where are people seeing QR codes? Most smartphone owners reported having seen them on product packaging, in a magazine, or on a coupon.  If you are not familiar with QR codes, they are a direct connection between print and the Web. Simply scan the code with your smartphone and you are taken directly to a website, image, YouTube video, sweepstake signup, or any other content the marketer desires.

QR codes can also launch and pre-fill emails, store calendar information, and import contact information into the prospect’s phone. QR codes tap into a powerful demographic. According to MGH, people who have noticed QR codes have higher levels of education (54% have university+) and higher household incomes (69% over $50,000) than the general population. Among those who have actually used QR codes, those numbers jump even higher—63% and 71%, respectively.

QR codes offer unlimited potential to add interactivity to your print pieces and create engagement with your brand. They also provide yet another way to track responses, especially among key demographics in your target market.

If you haven’t delved into the world of QR codes, what are you waiting for?

Where have you seen a QR code?


On a product


In a magazine


On a coupon


In a newspaper ad


In a catalog


On television


On outdoor advertisements




Don’t know

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