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The Bright Side of Slower Times

With all the negative news in the media, it may be refreshing to read something that is positive and beneficial to your business. The bright side to slower times is that you are able to do something constructive by attending to those essential tasks that you have been putting on the back burner. One essential task is the clean-up of your business customer database. This much needed – but often put off chore – will ultimately save costs by providing the perfected apparatus to reach your customers with targeted and relevant marketing.

Immediate Cost Savings
Cleaning up your business customer database will have immediate cost savings. By taking advantage of softer business intervals, you will be using your time effectively in the concentrated effort to fine-tune your customer database to weed out the invalid addresses. One valuable step includes consulting with your mailing and fulfillment provider to run the National Change of Address (NCOA) process. This will help you identify the addresses of business customers that have moved and filled out a change of address with the USPS before you send out your next mailing.

The mail deliverability of your marketing efforts will be immensely improved when you consult the NCOA. This process ensures that your marketing material is not left with the wrong prospect instead of the targeted loyal client or intended prospect.

Purge the Duplicate Entries
A second valuable money saver to implement during slower business intervals is to purge your customer database of duplicate entries. Every double entry increases mailing costs and by simply running matching logic programs, you will be decreasing the possibility that you are sending the same mailing to the same customer or potential client twice.

Additional Data Integration
Have you thought about integrating additional data to help you reach your customers with more targeted and relevant marketing? Perhaps you have wanted to reorganize your customer database to target those that may be interested in one aspect of your business. Lulls in business offer an excellent opportunity to divide your client database into segmented targeted lists to reach your clients or possible consumers with the appropriate marketing materials to ultimately increase your business.

During busy business seasons it is easy to put off cleaning up and maintaining accurate business customer databases. The bright side of slower periods is the opportunity of taking full advantage of business lulls to not only cleaning – but improving your client database. These essential steps will ultimately save money in mailing costs, enhance targeted marketing campaigns and provide a more accurate database to expand in the months and years to come.

How OlleyMay Can Help
OlleyMay has been selected as a premier mailer by the United States Postal Service. This designation attests to our in-depth knowledge and expertise in mailing and fulfillment. OlleyMay’s mail team is dedicated to ensuring that your marketing messages reach your audience successfully with minimum waste and maximized postal discounts. Call us today to find out more about how OlleyMay’s mailing and fulfillment capabilities will assist you in reaching your company’s marketing goals:

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