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The Path Of Least Resistance

Boost Response Rates By Letting Your Customers Choose The Way

When marketers think about successful 1:1 campaigns, they think about factors such as the creative, the offer, the mailing list, and the selection of 1:1 variables. All of these things are critical to a successful campaign. But there is another, even simpler step that you can take to boost response rates.

It’s to provide multiple response mechanisms for your offer. Not everyone wants to respond to an offer the same way. One person might feel very comfortable responding by email. Another might prefer to respond by phone. Yet another might prefer to respond by personalized URL or general URL.

Consider your audience. A twenty-something sipping coffee in Starbucks might not respond to a tear-out form but be intrigued by a QR code directing them to a mobile website. But if you’re marketing to retirees, you might want to include both a tear-out form and an 800 number, even if you’re primarily hoping they’ll go to the Web.

Testing different response mechanisms is a great opportunity to learn about the different demographic groups in your database. One marketer recently offered recipients the opportunity to respond to the survey using a personalized URL or by filling out a tear-out card. It found a surprisingly high percentage of tear-out cards returned, many of them from older recipients who were not comfortable giving out certain information online.

So when you are planning your campaign, include detailed consideration of the response mechanisms you provide. Test different methods with different demographic groups. Once people respond, add this as a variable in your database and capitalize on this knowledge the next time. It’s a simple way to boost your response rates, even without making any other changes.

Something for Everyone:
Make your next mailing successful by offering different ways to respond, then let your customers make the choice.

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